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    Final's guide to pvp PALADINS!!!

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    Final's guide to pvp PALADINS!!!

    Post by Final on Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:32 am

    Hi guys, as many of you know, my name is Final, and since i am absolutely bored, im just gunna give you guys some hints for pvp (a lot of our members, sadly, are pvp-clueless). This guide will be relevent to paladins, as they are pretty much my favorite class (and i rly dont have time to post every other class right now). i hope people will find this useful!

    OK, this first section, i am going to dedicate to the Retribution specialization for paladins. This is my first spec for my paladin(i respeced several times) but i learned some neat tricks when dealing with other classes for pvp.

    Lets start by looking at the Pros and Cons of a retadin:

    -plate wearing
    -has some really nice burst damage
    -good mobility

    -prone to stunlocks (all stun resist mechanics are non-existant in scape)
    -limited defenses
    -mana issues

    Lets have a summary of this so far: a plate wearing class that can heal, bubble, AND run fast? sounds imba huh? But lets look at the down side of retadins: stunlocks (who actually likes fighting rogues?), defense(pretty confusing for plate user, i know), and cooldowns(major drawback for slow-hitting class)

    Here is the major weaknesses when fighting a retadin: they hit really slow (2h weapons) and rely heavily on crusader strike(has a cooldown of 8 seconds i believe), they may wear plate, but armor will only be around 10-12k (without shield).]

    PS: at any time when you repent someone, feel free to holy light yourself if you need it.

    So... here are the ways to fight other classes with paladins:

    Rogues vs paladins:

    when you are fighting a rogue, throw on a shield and tank weapon. this way, stunlocking will pretty much tickle you, and you have more dodge parry and block to take more hits. After stuns are over, you should use aoe, holy light yourself,use dmg seal of choice(i suggest seal of command or seal of crusader) and stun the rogue. Put on your 2hander, crusader strike, judge them if you are using command, and throw down aoe again.
    At this point, some rogues will panic and try and blind you to restart fight. if you think this is about to happen, use blessing of freedom on yourself b4 stun is over. that way, the rogue cannot sap,blind,or gouge you, as well as take away crippling poison.
    DO NOT SPAM JUDGEMENT: this is the fastest way to waste all your mana in any fight. it may look nice that you are nuking your opponent, but you are doing more damage than good. a paladin is not a warrior, which spams at will. you want to outlast your opponent in a fight, and you will not be able to heal if you are oom.
    when the rogue sprints and trys to run away from you to restealth, repentance him asap. sit there and wait for sprint to waste away, and then when repentance is nearly over, crusader strike him. if you see that he was able to restealth, put back on your tanking weapon and sheild, and use FLASH OF LIGHT. HOLY LIGHT has a really big cast time that the rogue can easily interupt by sapping, as well as costing a lot of mana for a retadin. should the duel be reset by rogue restealth, make sure you can withstand the dreaded permastun by healing/tanking.

    Mages vs Retadin:

    Believe it or not, mages are the easiest targets you will ever come across for opponents: if you have the right gear, the fight should last 5 seconds.

    note: use seal of command vs mages.

    the first thing you do against a mage is to stun him asap. if he doesn't blink, all the better for you. he will have lost the fight. IF the mages does blink, repent him right away. walk all the way to him, blessing of freedom yourself, and crusader strike away. all mages at this point will frost nova you (blessing of freedom ftw) and when they see you did not freeze, they wil try to run. judge then with command, crusader strike again, and hammer of wrath. this fight is effectively over.

    Druids vs Paladin:

    Due to the nature of druids, i will break this down to 2 sections:

    Boomkin fight:

    This is similar to mage fighting altho much harder (keep in mind boomkins are mages in plate). use seal of command since holy damage is not affected by armor. in this fight, stun asap. you then crusader strike as usual, and hit him a few more times. DO NOT USE AVENGING WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!! i have seen so many paladins pop avenging wrath early, and i assure you, this is why they lose. you will require a bubble in most fights against well geared/donor people.
    When the boomkin trys to use entangling roots on you, use blessing of freedom and stick to him. you should repent him if he goes too far away from you or is trying to cyclone you. if the druid successfully cyclones you, wait until he is starting to cast starfire, and then bubble if you need a heal.

    note: for any duel, spam crusader strike like your life depended on it, because frankly, it just might.

    if the fight should last until your cooldown for stun returns, do not stun him right away. wait until he is casting cyclone (usually when hes about to heal) and finish him with crusaderstrike-judge-hammer combo.

    Feral Fight:

    Feral druids are hybrids between rogues and warriors. almost all feral druids will start off the fight with stealth-pounce-mangle combo. same as a rogue fight, keep a shield and tank weapon handy. aoe is a must vs ferals. stun him ONLY while he/she is in cat form, or druid form. you cannot repent a cat or a bear, but you CAN save that repent for when hes casting cyclone.
    The hardest part of fighting feral druids are their insane dodge rate (smile has near 60% non-donor). for this fight, it is best to use seal of righteousness or seal of crusader, as holy damage cannot be dodged, and crusader will allow you to hit a lot faster. be prepared to bubble twice against a good feral druid. keep yourself alive, as feral cats can run you over like a train. it is also a good idea to judge then with seal of justice, to reduce feralcat's speed, and to waste feral charge.

    note: MAKE SURE HE IS IN FRONT OF YOU! (crusader strike is crucial when fighting)

    same concept with getting stun back a second time, wait until you can finish him in 5 seconds, or he will just cyclone you and heal again. If you have repentance, however, you can stun him and when he runs to cyclone u, repent, and crusader strike.

    Tree fight:
    4 words: CHOP DOWN THE TREE!!!!!!

    trees cannot even fight back so just keep swinging that sword/axe/mace!

    Shaman vs Paladin:

    Same as druids, Shamans have different specs so i will divide this into sections. A little note about shamans: they have no stuns. since they have no stuns, you can use flash heal quite a lot in these fights. HOWEVER, watch out for that earthshock, as you will not be able to heal again for what will feel like an age (really its only about 3 seconds)

    Elementalist fight:

    If boomkins are mage in plate, elementals are mages in mail, with a shield. In some aspects, elementalists are harder to kill than boomkins, mainly due to their immense mobility. They can run away from you by frostshocking, earthbinding, or transforming into a ghost wolf. A good shaman will do all three. The one major point to victory is to wait until it is absolutely necessary to bubble: a well geared elemental shaman can take 5k hp with one lightning bolt with lightning overload.
    My first piece of advice will be to use aoe ASAP. you want to get rid of those totems. a shaman without totems is like a rogue without stealth. stun and slay the shaman as fast as possible, because they can potentially kill you in 2 hits. Stun when you want to dish out major damage, and repent when they are about to heal. when they are repented, take a second to destroy all their totems- it will not take long. using blessing of freedom is paramount in these fights, as elemental shamans will ALWAYS try to kite you.

    (it does not block spells)

    Enhancement fight:

    Enhancement shamans are basically wannabe warriors. They are melee fighters with very little capability to catch up to kiters. unlike warriors, they have very little defense, but, also unlike warriors, they are probably the only class capable of killing anyone in 1 hit.


    when fighting enhancement shamans, repent and destroy totems right away. Losing 88 strength and agility will take a huge toll on the shaman, especially since they do not have much stats to begin with. crusader strike, and put on a shield and tank weapon fast. I will garentee 99% of all enhancement shamans will want to hit you back with a stormstrike. surviving their main hit will pretty much garentee victory. when crusader strike is back, put back on your 2hander and stun him. try and kill him within those 5 seconds. (use aoe b4 you stun shaman for maximum damage.)

    ***if you are facing an enhancement shaman using a 2 handed weapon, congratulations! it will be almost assured victory.***

    Resto fight:

    since resto shamans pvping are non-existant, i am not going to bother.

    (once again this guide will take some time to finish so please dont post)

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