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    Big Changes


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    Big Changes

    Post by hock3yboy on Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:42 am

    Ok guys first of all i whana apologise for the long time i've been away. I know a lott of things happened since i was away
    I whant to remake the guild as it has been when we first started. It has been all about friendship, and i think
    some of u guys forgot about that.
    Thats why

    I will GDISBAND Ancient Protectors and remake it in the same moment again

    I know its radical, and we will loose manny members but i alsow think that we did better raiding, and
    we had a better comunity when we had only 100 members on the guild.
    I will post this thing on the Guild Message of the Day, so everyone that whana be in our guild
    will have the chance to Wisp me and get back in.(P.S I will wait 1 week before i do that)
    I do this to get rid of all the idiots that have infested the guild.
    Dont worry about the guild vault, its going to be saved in another guild vault, so we are ok with that.
    Alsow, from now one invited in the guild will be only on recommandation bassis. That means that only if a member,
    praider, or ancient, recommend a guy, he can get invite in the guild.
    Alsow for someone to get invited in the guild, he needs to have 1 proffesion at least.

    Alsow Alt characters Rules will be changed: Recruit=1 alt
    Member=2 alts
    Praider=3 alts
    Ancient = 4 alts
    Gm2= no limmit on alt characters
    ( we can talk more about this last rule, but i think its preety fair)

    Alsow i whant the future officers to be more invloved in running the guild.
    That doesnt mean only Tanking, or Creating a raid, but alsow keeping an eye on the
    recruits, and lower ranks, organising the vault, gkicking people that deserve it
    and much more.

    Raiding: Graiding will be changed a bitt: Raids will be done daily, 1/day
    as a Graid, every raid will be Ranked from now one( and i really mean every
    single one) with one of the Guild Mt's , only officers can organise a g-raid btw.
    Everyone online will have to come to the guild raid (within reason -if they have time),
    If someone refuses to come =gkick 100%

    Alsow Raids will be done scheduled- on caledar- that means for example
    Monday 16:00 sv hrs- BT etc, this will be posted on the guild message of the day
    by the officers, every day for the next one( u post monday for thuesday, etc.)

    [b]As i said before this guild was all about a couple of friends
    playn' wow. Even with a smaller comunity of people i think we will
    do just fine, and i hope u guy support me in doing this, cause i need
    all the help i can get.

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