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    Guild Rules

    Post by hock3yboy on Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:16 am

    1. General Attitude for Members:
    Play fair
    - Help each other out
    - Be courteous and respectful to others
    - Mature conduct
    - No begging for money
    - No cheats or exploits
    - Have fun and enjoy WoW. It is a game!

    2. Guild Activities and requirements:
    - Guild chat is encouraged. We are all friends here whether in game/real life. Spamming and inappropriate talks will not be tolerated at all and it will result in being removed from the guild.

    3. Looting policy on guild instances:

    The loot system will be MASTER LOOT for the run.
    Primary raiders will have priority in any roll, that counts for lower rank 2 Recruit<Member<Primary Raider
    Officers and or GM will have final say. NO arguments, NO "I NEED THAT, CAN I HAVE IT?" etc. will be tolerated.

    5. The Guild Bank:

    AP has an in game guild bank, the contents of which are not visible to all Ancient Protectors members( only primary raiders, members, ancients, that means recruits will not have acces to the gv.)
    Withdrawing policy
    Ancients: Full acces to guild vault.
    Primary Raiders: Acces to guild vault
    Members: Small acces to guild vault
    Recruit: No acces to guild vault

    6. Quitting the guild:
    - Any member removed from the guild by an Officer for improper behavior cannot be re-invited back to the guild without consulting one of the GMs.
    That counts for quiting alsow

    - Rules can be changed at any time, it is up to the members to keep up to date.

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